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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a U student to join the team?

Yes. The U of U club sport team rules dictate that all athletes must be U of U students, employees, or associates.

Are there tryouts for the team?

No. While we don’t hold tryouts, we do expect that all of our athletes are able to comfortably ski/ride any and all terrain on the mountain reasonably quickly. If this sounds like you, great! If not, keep working on those skills and reconsider joining in the future.

How does the team work?

Our primary goal as a team is to provide infrastructure for U students to attend competitions and train to become better freeriders! During the Fall semester, we focus on dryland training and social events to build a strong sense of community before Winter comes. During the Spring semester our focus is directed entirely towards on-hill training, competition travel, and becoming better freeriders!

Does the team meet/train year round?

Team sanctioned events and training occur during the Fall and Spring semesters. We take the Summer semester off to prepare for the following year.

Are there any commitments?

Nope. There’s no mandatory attendance for any of our events/training. The level of commitment is whatever you make it!

Is the team a good place to meet people to ski/ride with?

Yes! The team is without a doubt the best place on campus for experienced skiers/riders to find people to rip with!

What competitions does the team attend?

We attend Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) competitions. We attend 2*, 3*, and 4* level FWQ events.

Is everyone allowed to compete?

Yes! That being said, FWQ competitions can be challenging to get into if you have never competed before. If you have never competed before but want to start, we will work with you to develop a plan for getting on the start list of your first ever FWQ.

Do you have to compete to be on the team?

No! While we are a competition focused team, we understand that competition isn’t for everyone, and many of our athletes don’t compete .Additionally, non-competitive athletes are still allowed to travel with the team so they can enjoy the experience of attending a competition and making friends from all over the world.

Does the team offer pass discounts?

No, we encourage our athletes to use the student pass discounts available on the U of U’s One Love Ski and Snowboard Club website:

What pass should I buy and where does the team train?

The team rotates training days between the four IKON pass resorts in Salt Lake. If you want to attend all team training days, then the IKON pass is your best bet. That being said, many of our athletes choose to buy a different pass which is totally fine! It’s all a matter of preference.

Does the team have any sponsors/discount codes?

Yes! Check back under the sponsors tab of our website later this season for more updates on that.

How can I stay up to date on team info?

The best way to stay up to date on team info prior to joining the team is through our instagram (@uofufreerideteam). Once you join the team you will be added to our groupme and email list for official team communications.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues for the 2022/23 season are $169.

How do I join the team?

Under the registration tab on our website!

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